Two years ago I wrote a little piece about being at a crossroads in my career. Well, two years later and I’m here again!

Two weeks ago I got a call from my boss from my last job. Turns out the company has expanded significantly and they need more accounting help. She asked if I was open to talking about the position and what they are offering. WHAT?!? I couldn’t really believe what I was hearing. I never thought I’d go back there but it seemed they were motivated to have me back. I threw out a number, expecting to be shot down right away. I figured I’d shoot for the stars and see what would happen. 🙂

In my time here at the park district I’ve been very content. In the past two years I have become very comfortable with my coworkers. It’s really like a big family. Of course, like any job, there are things I don’t enjoy doing and things I didn’t think I’d be doing as an accountant. It’s also part of the deal with a smaller governmental entity. Although, none of this bothered me to the point that I was actively searching for something else.

So, when my old boss let me know the next night that she and the CEO wanted to take me to lunch, things started to get real in a hurry. I went to lunch and had a great conversation about the job, about the growth there, and about their motivation to have me back. I was also happy to hear that some of the things I wasn’t a fan of before have changed. The conversation was very flattering, they wanted me back and were willing to do a lot to make it happen. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t awesome to call all the shots. I said exactly what I wanted and they matched it all.

I haven’t been working professionally all that long, 5 years since I graduated, but I can say this—it is rare to be on this side of the table. Not needing to change, not looking to change,  but open to an opportunity that can truly change the path of my career.

All that said, it is still hard. It is hard to leave a place that I’ve been very comfortable in. It’s hard to leave the people I’ve become close to. It’s hard to go back somewhere you never thought you would.

When it came down to decision time, I couldn’t say no. There is so much growth and so many more opportunities for me to grow there. The park district doesn’t have large promotional opportunities so I’d be in my same position for a long time. I don’t want to be stuck in the same spot for many years without the possibility of growth.

So, I am going back! I am excited to be back doing more complex accounting. I am excited to be around friends that I have missed. I am excited for the challenges. Most of all, I am excited to see how God will continue to use me where I’m at.